Spomb™ Innovative Bait Dispenser

Manufactured and hand made in England, United Kingdom

Spomb Trademark Registration Number: 2502920
Patents Pending: PCT/GB2009/050103
Community Design Registration Number: 001574898-0001
Uk Patent Application No: 09 223 66.0


**** PRESS RELEASE **** 28th January 2014 Spomb™ bait dispensers - license agreement terminated in Croatia

Spomb Limited have terminated the license agreement with Predator Fishing, Zagreb, Croatia in making products that were similar to our patented, community registered designed Spomb™ bait dispensers.

We have invested a lot of money, time and effort in developing our innovative bait dispensers for anglers and also in protecting our intellectual property worldwide. Our products are very robust and durable. They are designed, manufactured and carefully han